Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rainy Day Back-up Plan

We decided that we were too close to Atlantic City to not go and check it out.  Despite a Noreaster-style storm hitting the coast, we decided to brave the weather and head up to AC.  After taking a quick driving tour around, we settled on Harrah's Hotel and Casino.  It was our first real casino and it pretty much fit our image of what an Atlantic City casino would look like: huge, lots of bright, shiny lights, hundreds of zombie-like people pushing button after button on slot machines.  However, it really was a cool facility and it had a massive, almost biodome-esque centralized pool.  We eventually chose Dos Caminos for some modern Mexican cuisine.  It didn't disappoint.  Lori had some delicious fajitas and "mexican street corn" (grilled corn on the cob).  I had two enchiladas, one with verde sauce and the other with mole.  All in all, I think we'd recommend a stay at Harrah's if you're in to gambling and have a weekend to kill.  Definitely not a "cross country flight getaway" though, like Vegas.

Harrah's Atlantic City (Wikipedia)

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