Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The German Endeavor Begins

Lori and I have put together this blog in order to share our experiences with family and friends as we embark on our three year journey to Stuttgart, Germany.  We are living in a small village just south of the city.  While we will obviously explore as much of Germany as possible we also have a goal of visiting every European Union country (there are 27), plus Switzerland, Norway, Croatia, Vatican City, and the Ukraine.  We would also like to do at least five "bonus countries."  These may include, Russia, Tunisia, Israel, Cyprus, Morocco, etc.  It may be an ambitious goal, but we think it's definitely achievable!

Countries we have visited so far:

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Our trip actually begins with a "pre-trip" to Mirbeau Inn and Spa at Skaneateles, New York. However, before we were able to relax at this mini-paradise, we had to undergo the hectic moving experience whilst getting our house ready for two friends who will be leasing while we're away. We did more house and yard work in three days than we did in three years.  Things largely went off without a hitch and we only have a few more things left to do.

Now that we're at Mirbeau, we can finally relax and take in this amazingly French-inspired cottage inn as well as the nearby village of Skaneateles (See the "Trips" tab for details).

Tomorrow, we head off to Cape May, New Jersey to take in the Atlantic views and quaint town.

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  1. My new favorite travel blog :-) So excited to come along for the ride as you guys explore Europe!