Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Pre-Trip Trip

After undergoing the hectic moving experience whilst getting our house ready for two friends who will be leasing while we're away, we decided to take one last U.S. trip before Germany.  After various Google searches and asking friends and colleagues, we settled on Mirbeau Inn and Spa at Skaneateles, New York followed by a trip to Cape May, New Jersey.  This place was quaint, relaxing, picturesque and everything we were looking for.  The 5 and a half hour drive from Baltimore was pretty scenic (despite the weather) and thus went fairly quickly.  

Our Trip Route

Part I:  Mirbeau and Skaneateles

Mirbeau is situated on the North tip of Skaneateles Lake (one of the famed "Finger Lakes"), which is apparently so clean that the nearby city of Syracuse uses the water unfiltered.  It's certainly the clearest lake we've ever seen...  It also has an unusual blue color to it.  

Here are some photos of what we have seen.  Be sure to check out the Photo Album tab for all our trip photos.

The shared, Monet-inspired pond and bridge

A lake shore park in the village of Skanealetes

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