Friday, April 20, 2012

Part II: Off to Cape May

After an absolutely beautiful trip through rural upstate New York, we eventually made our way to Cape May, New Jersey, but not before taking a photo op at the tip of Lake Cazenovia.
Lake Cazenovia

Despite having sunny skies for the entire 5-6 hour drive, our destination had thick fog upon our arrival.  While we were bummed at first (couldn't even see the ocean), the fog kind of grew on us because it gave the town a cool and moody appearance.

Foggy View From Our Patio

There's The Ocean! (Next Day)

We decided to take a walk around and grab some dinner.  Here's a couple foggy shots:

 The next day had some decent weather, so we started off early and saw all the major Cape May stops, but not before we had some delicious bagels (mine was chocolate chip with strawberry cream cheese....mmmm) here:
Our Breakfast Stop

Afterwards, we meandered through the ultra-quaint streets lined with Victorian houses painted in bright pastels:

Cape May Lighthouse in the Back

Cape May Lighthouse

After checking out the lighthouse, we stopped by a family-run winery called Hawk Haven and did some extensive tastings (to include some gourmet cheeses).  Our favorite ended up being the 2010 Barrel Chardonnay which had hints of kiwi, mango, lemon creme brulee.  They also had an amazing mixed red, called the 2009 Talon which had "aromas of blackberry, jammy flavor or rich, wild strawberry." Definitely a must visit if you're in Cape May.

While doing our tastings we overheard a few people talk about having just come from a brewery tasting.  There wasn't any brewery listed on the main tourist map, so we asked the winery for directions, which they happily provided.  Cape May Brewing Company was just a short drive away and apparently just opened in July 2011 (which may explain why it wasn't on any map).  Their "tasting room," was really just a hole-in-the-wall within a commercial strip.  It was non-descript and we certainly would not have found it without specific directions.  The sampling area was more akin to an auto shop with a large garage door open in the back where people were gathered for some freshly smoked pulled pork and chicken.  They had four beers to sample, including a honey porter (made with local Cape May honey) and a really nice IPA.  I love the growth of micro-brews in the U.S.  This brewery started off with two college friends who got together and did something they loved.  They use many local ingredients, including some hops grown on a nearby farm (for which they give their spent grain as chicken feed).

cape may brewing company


  1. i haven't even been to these places! thanks for sharing, will check on my next trip home.

    1. Haha, no problem! We definitely enjoyed the town and food and would love to go back again when we can really use the beach :-)