Sunday, April 29, 2012

Early Initial Thoughts


So, we're still quite jet-lagged and am currently going on less than 2 hours of sleep, but I believe I'm coherent enough to do a quick "initial thoughts" post:
  • Germany does not believe in:
    • Air Conditioning
    • Air vents in bathrooms (the steam doesn't go anywhere fast after a shower)
    • Idling cars (you can get fined if you leave a car idling for more than 3 minutes)
    • Speeding within any town or city (speed cameras EVERYWHERE)
    • Low voltage (everything is 220V)
    • Doing anything work related on a Sunday (everything is closed, except restaurants)
    • Crappy cars
    • Big kitchens
    • Screens on windows
    • Crime
    • Big refrigerators
  • Germany does believe in:
    • Cleanliness
    • Good beer
    • Comfort food
    • Nice cars
    • Huge, heavy, thick doors
    • Oil heating
    • Using fresh, local, in season, ingredients in food
    • Taking time to enjoy a meal (3-4 hours for dinner)
    • Staring
    • Concrete walls in homes
    • Wine cellars
    • Dogs, dogs, dogs! (They love them!)
    • Good coffee
    • Very long words ( Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzung = "speed limit")


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  2. How about Donaudampfschifffahtsgesellschaft?

    Great list. I had to chuckle because those were all observations I made when I was there as an exchange student 16 years ago. My host sister and I actually got "geblitzt" (not blitzed, as you may think, but caught by a speed camera). Beware, those camera flashes are bright! I know they've started having longer shopping hours, especially on Saturdays, but I always found it quaint, while at the same time aggravating, that shops (and supermakets) weren't open on Sunday. Still, it forced you to relax and enjoy the day.

    Because of the high cost of electricity, household appliances tend to be smaller and more efficient, and summers are generally so mild that you won't need A/C in the first place. You might have two or three weeks where it may be slightly uncomfortable. And I do hate the lack of window screens...I can't tell you how many horseflies I killed in my time there.