Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Stroll Through Böblingen

We had some free time to wonder so we decided to walk through the town of Böblingen with Gizmo.  I had taken my camera with us, but soon realized that I had left the memory card in the laptop back at the hotel....awesome!  Anyway, I'll just provide you with some Google Images instead :-)
View of the town
The Lower Lake of Böblingen
Village Square of Böblingen
Arial View of Böblingen
It is a German holiday (May Day), so the everything across the country was closed, but restaurants were still open.  We eventually settled on a Seegärtle, a biergarten that offered a great view of the lake.  Their website actually shows the table we ate at and the view we had:

Seegärtle Restaurant and Biergarten
From our collective German learned from Rosetta Stone and hotel German TV, we were only able to come up with maybe four words to order our food. Just what exactly we ordered was based on an educated guess. This was definitely motivation to learn some solid German.  Lori ended with this Spätzle and Sauerbraten, which looked something like this (again, no camera with us at the time):

Sauerbraten and Spätzle
I got German white asparagus, known as spargel, along with this interesting crepe-like side which I believe was called schwarzwälder kräuterflädle, or some derivative thereof, along with some ham.  The Germans around here seem to have much pride in their Spargel, or so we've been told.  It was indeed very tasty as it also had hollandaise sauce on it.  Anyway, it looked something like the following:

Crepe-like thing


  1. White asparagus with a Kraeuterpfannkuchen (chive pancake, aka crepe like thing) topped with Hollandaise sauce is a popular dish in southwest Germany in the spring. The asparagus is sooooo good...make sure you get your fill!

    1. Will do! The spargel creme suppe was excellent!