Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Culture Shock

Yep, we're experiencing textbook culture shock.  Different sources provide anywhere from 4 to 6 "Steps."  We'll go with the four steps/phases:
  • Honeymoon Phase
  • Negotiation Phase
  • Adjustment Phase
  • Mastery Phase
I believe that we're currently in the "Negotiation Phase."  After our recent weekend trip to Strasbourg and Colmar, France, we came "home" to a place we don't consider home yet.  No AC, no screens (thus many flies and bugs), none of our stuff (still on a ship somewhere), scarcely stocked kitchen, one car (the Yaris is still on its way), dirty and dusty house, and a laundry process that takes 5+ hours (no kidding).  The language barrier has been tough too.

HOWEVER, this was to be expected and we're fully aware that most people experience this frustration when moving.  Our stuff will come, our car will come, our house will get clean, I'm putting up screens on the windows, we are buying an AC unit, and we're figuring out the laundry process.  

Our Memorial Day weekend trip to France was fantastic and those posts will be forthcoming.  In all reality, there's too much to see, too much to do and too little time to waste on the "Negotiation Phase," thus we're planning to go straight to the Mastery Phase ASAP.  :-)


  1. i've always found the screen thing to be strange, as germany is such a clean country in other respects.

    good luck with the culture shock, i know you have the right attitude to get through it!

    1. Thanks! The funny thing about the bugs (because of no screens) is that they scare Gizmo (who's a big wuss). He's more or less been in hiding since we moved in, haha. Poor doggy :-)