Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Castle and Update

We're getting closer and closer to feeling "normal."  Our household goods from Maryland will arrive this Friday, I got my smartphone (I-phone), we have our other car, we acquired a vacuum and microwave, and Gizmo is acting normal again!  A challenge that we realize we'll face often: where in Europe should we go next.  There's three main categories to consider: local, regional or "foreign."  The problem (albeit, a good one) is that there are so many fantastic festivals and local events, one could easily stay busy in the Stuttgart area alone for quite some time.  The other "problem" is revisiting a place we love.  A good example in the States may be, "Do we go to Disney World again or someplace new?"  Or maybe a favorite Florida beach, etc. 

Anyway, we decided on "regional" last week and visited Hohenzollern Castle.  This fortress/palace served as the home for many Prussian/German rulers over the ages.  It's magnificent in location, scale and in its views.  Amazingly, the castle is still owned by the Swabian and Prussian family lines today.  There are even family photos alongside hundreds-year old paintings inside the castle.  I didn't get any distant shots of the castle, so I'll let Wikipedia provide those.  The rest are ours:

Burg Hohenzollern ak.jpg
Outside View of Hohenzollern Castle (Wikipedia)
File:Burg Hohenzollern mit Schwarzwald2.JPG
Distant View of Hohenzollern Castle (Wikipedia)


  1. I demand more helicopter shots, but taken by you. Your new "problem" is to find a copter.

    1. Hahaha, well for your information, I may be working on a wacky flapping flying machine to take such pictures.